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VALUE - Lada offers the lowest priced permanent 4x4 sport utility vehicle and delivers by including standard features usually found in more expensive models. The front brakes of our niva have dual circuits to each front wheel disc brake, Which are equipped with three piston calipers, and rear brakes with a load sensitive design, providing outstanding braking and reliability for extreme driving conditions.

21214 COSSACKRELIABILITY - Lada delivers through proven rugged durability, and is built to withstand off-road punishment with high Ground clearance and heavy duty stiff coil springs, front and rear with long suspension travel. Performance - the newly re-designed niva comes with a powerful 1.7 litre fuel injected system provided by General Motors which when combined with a new interior package and a re-designed rear door configuration makes it even more versatile. Lada commits - to your satisfaction by offering a 36 month/60,000 km. Limited warranty and a 24 hour emergency roadside assistance program.

ROADWhen the pavement ends, the LADA Niva SE is the most affordable and worth 4X4 Sport Utility Vehicle on the market. The new Italian designed styling kit enhances the sport utility image. The Niva SE outperforms the competition in off road ability and enables you to find your own space with style and at a cost many thousands of dollars below the competition.

The Niva SE was designed and built for back country, where roads are an option-if you can find them.

The Niva SE comes equipped with coil-spring suspension, 25 cm of ground clearance and a shorter wheelbase, amazing axle response, a no-nonsense interior and dual brake circuits to each of the front disc brakes for added safety. The 1.7 litre, 4 cylinder engine with GM designed electronic fuel injection and stiff body take the rigors of driving on the rugged, uneven and muddy terrain it was designed for. All this and a price tag that can’t be beaten!

21214 SEThe Niva is ranked very highly in Europe and 80 other countries it is exported to where they take off roading seriously. However, in North America, the Niva has been unexplored. Now people are noticing the affordable Niva being utilized by search and rescue personnel, police companies, ski resorts and individuals not wanting to ‘run with the pack’ but wanting to enjoy off road capabilities without stressing their bank manager. Affordable and capable, discover Niva at your local LADA dealer. TAKE ANOTHER LOOK AT LADA TODAY!